About Our Internal Medicine Practice

UBMD Internal Medicine (UBMDIM) is an internal medicine practice based on the ongoing pursuit of academic medical knowledge and treatment.  We are affiliated with the University at Buffalo’s Department of Medicine, and our team of doctors are made up of 135 physicians who are dedicated to serving our patients with the most innovative and efficient treatment solutions available.  Our staff of highly trained professors continues to spread the information that we have uncovered by teaching the next generation of patients and students.  We also have a team of researchers who specialize in identifying new treatment options for diseases by investigating the specific causes of medical issues and attempting to target them at the source.  From common medical studies for allergies, metabolism, and nutrition to research on immunology, cardiology, and much more, our treatments and academic pursuits represent the full spectrum of internal medicine.

We are dedicated to understanding and treating the whole body, so we take every measure to address each part of it from the ground up.  As part of our commitment to the happiness and well-being of our patients and their loved ones, our medical solutions are designed to improve the lives of everyone who requires our medical services.  Our comprehensive medical services are composed of 11 individual primary care and sub-specialty divisions located at 14 different hospital and outpatient locations throughout Western New York.  In addition to 135 physicians, we utilize 182 members on our support staff to help patients locate the most suitable service for their specific medical needs.  By joining together with other members of our unique group of physicians, we utilize the resources of an entire community of medical professionals who are committed to meeting the same goals of discovering and implementing new treatments for all of our patients.


UBMD Internal Medicine physicians play three active roles in healthcare:

  • They provide clinical care to individuals and families throughout Western New York.
  • They teach and train medical residents and fellows through the Department of Medicine at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo.
  • They are researchers who investigate health problems and develop new treatments for those problems.

    Contact our staff to find out more about our internal medicine practice.  We serve patients in Buffalo, Williamsville, and the surrounding areas.